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Dinner For One, Romp For 2


Scarlett needs actual meals: cheeseburgers, fries and soda. Urchin needs it so unhealthy that her throat is watering ahead of newborn and her beau even get to the drive-through. It is a marvel there may be even any meals left by the point they get again to her position. Scarlett’s boy embarks feeding her and the way in which he places the ones yam-sized burgers in her throat turns her on. Urchin delves in, reveling each little bit of meat, tomato and cheese. And simply as her style rivets are tingling with elation, so is her vagina. Briefly, Scarlett is taking turns chewing the meat and throating his salami. However her boy is working out. He we could Scarlett’s throat get a ruin from all of the paintings through drilling her breasts. And the entire time Scarlett is getting her flesh bulbs and vagina romped, newborn’s licking away on her 2 hefty burgers. Giant chick, hefty urge for food!

Date: September 24, 2023