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“I am not indeed a cooking form of a female. I am extra of a ‘lay round and shag me’ roughly female. So after I discover a guy who will cook dinner for me, it is a indeed giant activate. However it isn’t ensured that I will be able to shag you simply ‘motive you toss some slop in combination and contact it dinner. If what a fellow chefs me tastes dangerous, he is out. I love the nicer issues in lifestyles and if a fellow offers me dangerous meals I will be able to simply suppose he is a foul shag. Now, I do not hope the rest classy. It might be mac n’ cheese and I might munch it so lengthy because it tastes excellent. And if the guy feeds it to me, it is over. His trouser snake might be in my hatch so hasty he may not know what hammer him.”

Date: September 3, 2023